Day 1 

Version: OS X 10.10 (14A238x)

I’ll be using the Developer Preview to build new apps, update existing ones, and for day-to-day non-developer power use. It'll will be installed, at the metal, on my primary machine; a MacBook Pro Retina 15 (late 2013). I wanted to jump in now as we're kicking off some new "stuff" at Aescentia and wanted flesh out if I can be productive (or not) before it becomes a "bad time" to do it. Hopefully the information is helpful to other early adopters and devs. 

As context, I don’t develop day-to-day anymore but remain involved in product development, solutioning, design and planning, and in some cases I'll engage (pulling up my sleeves) for strategic clients. 

These are my day 1 observations. I won’t have touched a number of my tools or workflows for some time, so I’ll post updates through release or until I can’t handle it and need to revert back to stay productive. 

So far I've had some "non-trivial" issues, but… I have a bootable backup so we’ll see how’ goes. 

You Got to Do It! 

Prior to installing the Developer Preview from the Mac Dev Center I made multiple backups for, hopefully, obvious reasons. You should do the same... There’s a good chance you’ll need it. 

1) I use a cloud backup service always; 2) I use Time Machine always too; and 3), for quick recovery, I made a bootable clone with Carbon Copy Cloner of my MacBook Pro running Mavericks. It boots to the clone on an external SSD and my tests are all “Green” so I'm good to go. 

I'll likely put the information below in to a list over the next few days, but I'm putting up my notes, as is, for now. 

Apps that Are Working (for me) 

  • OmniFocus 2 for Mac 
  • OminFocus clipping (from and text) 
  • Messages 
  • TextExpander 4.2.1 
  • Keyboard Maestro 6.4.3 
    • I have a number of KM macros that I use and they all seem to be working
  • Automator 
    • I have a number of Automator services and applications and they all seem to be working 
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 
  • Safari 
  • Text Edit 
  • Sublime Text (Build 3059) 
  • Adium 1.5.10 

Things that Are Not Working (for me, in some way) 

  • OmniFocus Clip-o-Tron 3001 (clipping from 
  • (Note: the CrashPlan menu bar does, however, show that it is “synchronizing” but with no detail and when I launch the app from there the app crashes and presents a Crash Report)
  • 1Password Safari Extension - after enabling the extension it prompts requiring you to install 
    • On second or third try the extension works; but doesn’t auto fill. Manual copy and paste does, however works. 
  • - on initial app launch it hung and eventually failed (with a problem report) 
    • After re-launching the second or third time launches and seems to work. It may be that 1Password mini was now on and apparently working. 
  • OmniMailMessageServiceEnabler incompatible plug-in message - this sucks, it is my primary capture feature! 
  • Mail Act-On - I got an incompatible plug-in message on first launch of and now it does not work 
    • Finder integration and syncing are not working 
    • Transporter menu bar shows the Transporter Sync as not connected 
  • Our NAS isn’t showing up in Finder Sidebar (though it did prior to the install) in the Shared Connected Servers group. Other Macs and our Time Capsule are, however, showing there.  
    • Using Connect to Server… (manually) does mount the server and shares 
    • Work-around: I used Keyboard Maestro to keep the drive/share(s) mounted (
      • Note that I wasn't able to use mount volume “afp://…”, as described in the post, but open location "smb://servername/share” did, in my case. You’ll need to figure out what works for you. It took me some time (searching) to figure it out as I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. 

Other Observations 

  • is slow to launch and come forward during app switching 
  • is slow to launch and come forward during app switching 
  • crashed 4 times in 3-4 hours 

That Being Said... 

Any issues I find are specific to my environment, configuration, and to the apps I use. They may be Apple’s problem, they may be the apps developer’s problem, or they may be the result of my use. 

These are my observations only. They are provided without support and I take no responsibility for anything that happens to you… at all!  

AuthorMatt Ortiz