Day 3 (2 and 3) 

Version: OS X 10.10 (14A238x)

Working for Me 

  • Chrome is working well. In fact it has none of the lag (slow and hanging) that Safari does right now 
  • 1Password is autofilling in Safari and Chrome now, don't know why it didn't initially work 
  • LaunchBar is a champ and continues to march along working as expected 
  • OmniGraffle 6 Professional works great 
  • Sublime Text is getting its usual workout 
  • Evernote is working as expected; the menu bar for quick notes, the full client, integration with Skitch, and browser plug-ins all work as expected 
  • Skitch is working 
  • Transporter Desktop and Sync now seems to be working though I don't have the sync icons in Finder anymore. I will uninstall and reinstall... 
    • Update: I fully uninstalled "based" on this link (old verion but very similar),, and then reinstalled Transporter Desktop. This ended up not working as it just hung on install (status bar kept going to zero and filling over and over)... 
    • Final Attempt: I ended up Force Quitting the installation and restarting the machine. On restart I deleted the Transporter directory and the re-ran the install (Transporter This actually worked; and quickly finished. All is back to working as I'd expect it to... Good to go! 
  • Dropbox is working and syncing 
  • Caffeine is doing its job keeping the OS from sleeping when I want it to 
  • Time Machine is working and, as usual, prompting me to delete old backups due to limited remaining space 
  • Sonos is staying up to date and appears to be protecting me 
  • Day One is working 
  • Hazel kicked off and ran each of the rules when I imported some photos from the weekend 
  • Fantastical has taken some calendar entries from me today - all good 
  • Safari's Share button is getting its usual exercise 
  • GPGTools Finder integration works (encrypting and decrypting files)
  • GPGTools Keychain Access seems to work 
  • Terminal is working: I've been building out a couple of Raspberry Pis, and terminaling (SSH) in, headless 
  • RealVNC Viewer is remoting into the RPis just fine 

Not Working in Some Way for Me 

  • is crashing nearly every time I get into it, when I create a new message, open a message to read it; basically opening an email message window 
  • Mail Act-On workarounds: 
    • Archive: Ctrl+A - Keyboard Shortcut (custom Mail) 
  • GPGTools integration does not work. It seems to sign correctly but encryption is disabled
  • Automator 
    • When recording a work-around in mail, for clip-a-tron 3001, crashes repeatedly. As a work around, I'll try Keyboard Maestro or straight AppleScript. This may be a issue as much as an Automator one. 
  • I've been viewing some videos about Raspberry Pi and other electronic projects on YouTube. Playing the videos in Safari is very slow. Audio is fast but video is lagging behind a bit. 

Other Things 

  • Safari continue to be very slow. Opening new tabs, in particular, is dawg ass slow. 
  • Dark Mode doesn't yet fully work, apparently. You can "turn it on" in System Preferences --> General --> Appearance. You can set it to Blue (default) or Graphite (Dark) but not much changes. For a color blind guy like me, I see that Window controls turn gray, menu bar icons use their non-color versions, and Finder's sidebar is gray but not much other than that. The window headers, status bar areas, etc. all remains bright... 
AuthorMatt Ortiz