Matt Ortiz Founder, Envy Forge  CEO, Aescentia

Matt Ortiz
Founder, Envy Forge 
CEO, Aescentia

Matt is an experienced business innovator, change agent, and leader whose delivered strategic business capabilities for numerous large-scale organizations, with broad experience in strategy, product management and development, user experience and marketing, cloud and mobile enablement, and transformative business innovation.  

I am a cross-platform, multi-discipline practitioner and solution architect with responsibilities in business development, portfolio management, business innovation, research and development, and product development.  

Through my career, I've cut teeth in management and executive, commercial software, and management consulting positions, and have extensive experience envisioning, planning, implementing and modernizing consumer and commercial as well as enterprise business solutions. I am a consultant with strategic and delivery leadership responsibilities across practices and verticals. Most recently I've engaged as an executive counterpart and trusted advisor (Business Innovation Partner) with Xerox, Pulte, American Express, AAA (CSAA) and Universal Technical Institute.  

Finally, I am the Founder and CEO of Aescentia, a business innovation services company, a founding member of a community of software and business innovation professionals, and I am an often requested contributor to a number executive, product and technology councils and boards. 

Xerox Merge and the LA Express Park Project

I led the product envisioning, solutioning, product development, and pursuit effort for Neudesic on a  nearly two year long engagement for Xerox Transportation Services. Xerox Merge is a business services (and software as a service) offering for municipalities, around the world, to centrally manage smart parking operations and enforcement. 

The engagement included more than 40 Neudesic on-shore and off-shore consultants; not counting the Xerox, Xerox Innovation Group, and LA DOT teams. The design and architecture of the parking management system allowed Xerox to achieve and exceed their LA Express Park Phase 1, 2 and 3 program goals. Those goals can be viewed on the LA Express Park website here

Here is a video featuring, LA Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa and others describing LA Express Park. 

Key features of the system include variable (or dynamic) pricing for parking which will increase when demand is high and decrease when demand is low optimizing parking availability, it will make finding parking easier, and reduce pollution by getting millions of drivers to available parking near their destination quickly. This is all made possible with smart parking meters and sensors, dynamic neighborhood signs and mobile managed centrally by Xerox Merge and the municipalities parking operations center. 

Here is more information on Xerox Merge.  

Pulte - Supply Chain and Purchasing Management System 

I led the product envisioning, solutioning, product development, and pursuit effort for Neudesic on a  more than two and a half year long engagement for Pulte Homes. The Supply Chain and Purchasing Management System allows Pulte to optimize its building operations by managing plans, materials, and labor nationally with flexibility across territories and communities. 

The engagement included more than 20 Neudesic on-shore and off-shore consultants; not including Pulte's and other partner business and technical staff. Agile Transformation, Custom Application Development,  Connected Systems, User Experience, and Quality Engineering practices were all engaged at times during this effort. 

I remained engaged through the lifecycle of the engagement as a trusted advisor to customer executives and key business stakeholders as the Neudesic executive sponsor and I initiated and contributed to numerous architecture and continuous improvement initiatives. 

TriWest Healthcare Alliance - Mobile Strategy 

I led the ideation, strategy, solutioning, product development, and pursuit effort for Neudesic on the TriWest Healthcare Alliance's Mobile Strategy (Phase I & II) efforts. The result was an application that fulfilled the feature set required by a TriWest competitive bid challenge for the military healthcare contract they were operating on but also received accolades for usability and adoption in its first Phase of deployment by the client. 

The successful Phase I effort led to continued development of the application but also partnering with the communications team at TriWest and the implementation of additional mobile capabilities including a mobile companion application for the Marines Dstress web application. 

Our team helped TriWest provide information about TRICARE, including what beneficiaries should do before, during, and after deployment to ensure they receive optimal plan benefits. Using the mobile applications beneficiaries are able to access account information and make payments. Other features include personal health tracking and educational resources, location-based Provider and Urgent Care Lookup, enhanced Condition and Disease Management programs, and health coaching. These solutions help TriWest foster broader access to, and enhance collaboration with beneficiaries; increase adoption and use through personalization and user-specific themes; and help TriWest’s Condition and Disease Management group provide mobility solutions for their programs.