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I am… (2017-03)

While at a coffee shop in LA a few weeks ago, I sat down to try and capture some things I'd put together - personal branding so-to-speak. The text here is what I wrote, along with some sketches and illustrations that informed it. #Matt Ortiz - I am ... - 2017-03 I am a Creative. I [...]

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Test-Driven Development – Non-Negotiable

Why Test-Driven Development is Non-Negotiable at Aescentia At Aescentia, testing and test-driven development isn’t just something we do because clients request it, nor is it something we do, depending on the engagement.   We test and do test-driven development because it results in agility for our customers in the most cost-effective way. Through test-driven development we [...]

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Back from Microsoft PDC 2009

So we’re back from Microsoft Professional Developer Conference (PDC09) which was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center this past week. The focus of PDC is future and emerging Microsoft technologies, product roadmaps, and industry trends – making it the premier, developer-focused Microsoft event. It is not held every year. The workshops, keynotes, and sessions [...]

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Sudden Loss of an Important Public Figure, and Throw-back Journalist

American political journalism, not only by association, is not held in the highest regard these days. NBCs Tim Russert, in contrast, and his enthusiasm for the "truth" is a throw-back and considered among the best of modern American journalists. He was “one of the premier political journalists and analysts of his time,” Tom Brokaw, the [...]

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Enterprise Library 4.0 Released with Unity IoC Container

So anyone whos worked on projects with me knows Im an advocate of using the Enterprise Library for addressing typical cross-cutting application concerns. Enterprise Library 4.0 was released yesterday which now works with Visual Studio 2008 and the netfx3.5 and includes the Unity IoC application block. The Application Block Software Factory and Strong-name Guidance Package [...]

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