I am… (2017-03)

While at a coffee shop in LA a few weeks ago, I sat down to try and capture some things I’d put together – personal branding so-to-speak. The text here is what I wrote, along with some sketches and illustrations that informed it.

#Matt Ortiz – I am … – 2017-03

I am a Creative. I am intensely curious and love to experiment. I am an Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Trusted Advisor – and I strive to make positive change, at all levels, everywhere I engage.

I build highly productive, motivated, and customer-focused teams. I value transparency in all interactions – and I know there is nothing we can’t do together.

I am a mentor and teacher by nature. I enjoy providing and I seek peer review from those with different perspectives.

I am, at times, introverted but have a relatively extroverted and accessible professional persona.

I am a life-long learner. You’ll find me studying most nights, long after the family has gone to bed – because I love what I do!

I feel a heightened sense of responsibility to do the right thing, informed, first, by customer objectives – especially when it’s hard to do.

I value conservatism, history, and success as much as progress, disruption, and failure – and I don’t accept norms when they no longer work.

I am an agile practitioner. I value early, inexpensive proofs and continuous maturity over big up-front detailed design – and I value planning over the plan.

I am idealistic and opinionated but empathetic and pragmatic in my interactions, analysis, and management style.

I am different.

I have weaknesses (areas for growth) – and they drive me!

Aescentia’s tagline is “Listen. Disrupt. Learn.” It is a nod to my agile and iterative perspective on complex problem-solving, but it could be mistaken as stating that we are, among other things, disruptive. This is its true meaning:

“Listen.” refers to my approach of truly listening and empathizing – a human-centered perspective. This differs in that we value customer input and feedback as early as possible over that of big up-front design.

“Disrupt.” refers to the fact that if you engage me, then we are by definition working on disruptive change. I am an expert in easing the pain of complex, disruptive change. Customers trust me to get them home safely, to build great experiences, and to have a great time while we’re at it.

“Learn.” This was the hardest to flesh out. At first, it was “Adjust.”. However, I immediately felt that was not the right approach. “Adjust.” assumes that we must continuously change (perhaps for its own sake), which is not always the case. So we must “Learn.” from our work continuously – testing our assumptions and informed by customer desire and feedback. Then, if we determine a need, we can plan and adapt.


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