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Project Description

Awarded a multi-year contract to deliver a consumer-based smart home video camera product for a Fortune 100 electronics, electrical equipment company. Provided thought leadership and engaged on all phases of the product lifecycle including user and market studies; agile product development, hardware, cloud, and mobile prototypes; market analysis and business justification; and drove business KPIs through rapid iteration of design and development. Worked with foreign and domestic suppliers from prototype to a mass-market, consumer device. Provided subject matter expertise in agile product design, development and management, and drove innovation by refining, prototyping and maturing of capabilities iteratively. Subsequently engaged a team on a key big data initiative.

I initially engaged, providing thought leadership, analysis, and recommendations on newly released smart home thermostat product regarding some challenges and how it compared to competing products. We then invested, delivering early prototypes for a smart home camera using Raspberry Pis, Lego, magnets, and various sensors, implementing a native mobile app, leveraging the Microsoft Cloud, testing and integrating cloud video and computer vision, machine learning capabilities that would scale. One of those early prototypes was showcased at a research and executive conference and Aescentia was awarded a multi-year contract as the integration partner (cloud and video) to design, build and deliver the solution and transition to operations.

Attribution: The illustration is all original art by Matt Ortiz. It includes obscured images of actual working sessions in our office and only likenesses of artifacts from the project (made for this post).