Sudden Loss of an Important Public Figure, and Throw-back Journalist

American political journalism, not only by association, is not held in the highest regard these days. NBCs Tim Russert, in contrast, and his enthusiasm for the “truth” is a throw-back and considered among the best of modern American journalists.

He was “one of the premier political journalists and analysts of his time,” Tom Brokaw, the former longtime anchor of “NBC Nightly News,” said in announcing Russert’s death Friday afternoon. Brian Williams, managing editor and anchor of “NBC Nightly News,” called his death a “staggering, overpowering and sudden loss.”

Tim Russert – NBC News Washington Bureau Chief and moderator of Meet the Press, preparing for this Sundays installment of Meet the Press, collapsed and died of a heart attack today: he was 58. His passing is a huge loss to American journalism: he was a beacon of thoughtful political coverage in a day when news outlets are more and more politically charged and inflammatory pundits are flooding network, cable, and radio programming.

Though NBC News and Meet the Press will never be the same without him, Im hopeful that thoughtful, informative reporting will prevail there and that those he inspired, mentored, and taught by example will continue to elevate the coverage of such an important beat.

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