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Equal parts creative, technical and entrepreneurial, with a proven record of bridging business, technology, and desire. Defined by a creative energy and informed by deep practitioner experience — driven to continuously improve.

Practitioner. I’ve spent much of my career driving the conceptualization, design, and development of new products, services, and business offerings including IoT; commercial, consumer and industrial solutions; digital transformation; and application portfolio modernization and rationalization.

Relationship Builder. A forward-thinking leader with a trusted global business, design, and technical network.

Innovator. Fosters an agile mindset, inculcating a cohesive and accountable culture that empowers individuals to engage in the “why” and “how proactively,” to experiment with iterative designs and prototypes – and to test assumptions continuously.




I am a multidisciplinary leader with experience in product strategy, management and development, solution architecture, digital transformation, app portfolio rationalization and modernization, and business innovation. My most valuable skills are in uncovering and translating customer and stakeholder insights and translating them into actionable plans to deliver highly successful products and solutions.

I am intensely curious and love to experiment. I build highly productive, motivated, and customer-focused teams. I value transparency in all interactions – and I know there is nothing we can’t do together.

I am a mentor and teacher by nature. I enjoy providing and I seek peer review from those with different perspectives.

I value conservatism, history, and success as much as progress, disruption, and failure – and I don’t accept norms when they no longer work.

I am an agile practitioner. I value early, inexpensive proofs and continuous maturity over big up-front detailed design – and I value planning over the plan.

I am idealistic and opinionated but empathetic and pragmatic in my interactions, analysis, and management style. …

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